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if these walls could talk

In my world, an untethered art-scape wins over the tension of matchy-matchy any day … bliss ♥ {a clock without hands} {jenny edwards} {denis khomenkov via decor8} {posy gets cosy} {the purl bee}… Continue reading

childhood bliss

Popping in to leave you something quite scrumptious from the studio of Sarah Jane bliss ♥

toast :: autumn

Lately, I am inseparable from the autumn Toast catalogue, and stand by my theory that socks-blankies-pajamas as a winning combo, render nearly any crisis more manageable. Especially flannel pajamas. Better yet, flannel sheets… Continue reading

monday undercover

Hello bliss lovers! How is it that Monday can sneak up so quietly, creeping in seemingly without notice … until it pounces. As in a phone call this morn from  Le Dentist’s office… Continue reading

let’s play

May the weekend rejuvenate you in tender ways… See you next week with a little surprise I’m working on! Ooooooh! bliss ♥ photo: anna allen


I‘m on a mission this afternoon to make use of this week’s best-ever thrifted kitchen finds: a beauty of a rolling pin, glass mixing bowls and another floral beauty to add to my… Continue reading

wordless wednesday

images: abby try again

gone out, back soon

In which a wee, blog break ensues. Because today, I am this bunny … And I am tired, and holding up an oochey head. It seems logical to me, that children should be… Continue reading

love is the key

A portal to doors and hearts and the undiscovered … {treasure house} {federica simoni} {yvette inufio} {via satellite true} {bethan} {via heartbeat melody} {brandy wine boutique} {seafaring hearts}

getting sorted

Bliss is a bed full of pillows when the move is over! And no more boxes. I’m unpacked, reassembled and right-end up. And excepting a squishy, comfy couch that arrives this weekend, things… Continue reading

art loves

Ephemera, memories layered upon memories, screwball charm, art-filled acts of courage, love through colour: the artwork of Eduardo Recife and Andrew Bannecker fills me with happiness today. {eduardo recife} {andrew bannecker}

bliss revisited

Dear neglected blog mateys: Please forgive my absence and re-posting ways. Life outside my time shared with you in the Bliss cocoon, seems to have commanded every spec of my attention. And wouldn’t you know… Continue reading

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