happy weekending

I’m spending the weekend in Toronto and so looking forward to lapping up the scenery, hanging out with the kids, and beginning my quest for a mother-of-the-bride dress (The not hideous kind. Of that I… Continue reading

and now for something blissfully different: ayala bar

I walked home from work today amidst fleeting sunshine, a cup of chai in hand. My gaze drifted towards the windows of our small downtown shops, each revamped for spring. One display in particular caused… Continue reading


If there was any lingering despair that it might just keep on snowing, the rain has moved in to announce it’s truly spring. At last. We finished a catering job today, leaving the afternoon wide… Continue reading


Lately, my days have been a jumble of work (chop. chop. chop.) and wonder (the world is green! and there are spring shoots) and worry (even BIG kids need their ma). Easter departed as… Continue reading


It was my birthday this week and I was gifted, hugged, pampered and fed! At the tail end of an emotional week at home and a busy week at work, being fêted felt… Continue reading

my lately

I said goodbye to the café last week as the door closed for the end of the University year. And from there, I headed straight into some massive catering jobs. It was a… Continue reading

sunday slowly

It’s been an at-home, getting caught up kind of day. I could have easily put off the dish and laundry pile-ups, the plants that needed some TLC, the paperwork and email that needed… Continue reading

looking back | stepping ahead

We’re on the cusp of change. Still, that heady time of spring cannot arrive soon enough for me. Although I’m anchored in the present (pragmatism has a way of stealing desire’s thunder) I’m… Continue reading

what do you mean kale doesn’t go with everything?

A couple of years ago, I introduced a kale salad for sale at our local Farmer’s Market. At the time, no one in these parts was doing anything magical with kale, and the… Continue reading

keep calm and make food

What do you do when you knock on your teenager’s door on a Sunday morning and—surprise!—not one, but three people smile bashfully back at you? Well … you keep calm and make food.… Continue reading

saturday = poached eggs

Happy weekend, friends! Caffeine quota has been reached (mine, not the boy child’s) we’re powered by poached eggies, chores are (mostly) out of the way, and we’re off to spend the afternoon together.… Continue reading

quinoa-vegie bowls with tahini-lemon and wasabi dressing

Each week at the café, I make a grain-based bowl packed with roasted and raw vegies, marinated tempeh, and a dressing or sauce worth dipping your fingers in. This is one of my favourite… Continue reading

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