go. go now!

artwork by: hollie chastain

grow everywhere

artwork courtesy of: urbanhomestead

the BVG

These past few weeks have been intensely busy on the work front. Lots of new developments are happening in the catering kitchen and exhaustion aside, I’m so excited about the food I’m creating!… Continue reading


Ten-hour work days in the catering kitchen and unfreakinggodly humidity amount to one zapped mama. Make no mistake about it, unless there’s a large body of water I can fall into, I do… Continue reading

big bounty on the balcony

This evening I finished planting my vegie garden on the balcony—my first ever, full-on container garden! After spending a crazy long day preparing food for catering and our local farmer’s market, I was… Continue reading

stop. pause. play

A whole whopping lot of things are vying for my attention right now, and pulling me away from this Bliss. Some things are must-dos, others are want-to-dos, and then there are the or-else-dos.… Continue reading


These past few days have been a full of extremes: searing humidity by day and blankets at night; temperaments and feelings deeply felt; bone-weary days spent catering and afternoons reserved for tea, thrifting… Continue reading


photo by: bliss {in images}


What I’m looking forward to this weekend … A visit from my Number One and her amazing fella Number Three’s high school prom (she’s rocking a bow tie, vest and black kicks) The… Continue reading

more from magnolia pearl

Textile artist Robin “Pearl” Brown’s signature home style dances through her line of clothing, best described by Robin herself as, “what Victorian style would have been if Queen Victoria had partied with Janis… Continue reading

wednesday words

This pretty much sums up every which way I want my summer to head … bliss ❤ print by: the love shop

sweet magnolia pearl

Sometimes the sublime is found in the places you travel in your mind, while you’re still cocooned at the break of day. Sometimes it’s found with a friend over a cup of tea,… Continue reading

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