About Me

I’m Jacqueline, mama to four amazingly cool kiddos (one teen and three twenty-somethings) J21714SMhere in Ontario, Canada. A maker of food in restaurant and catering kitchens, and a lover of photography. I’m a staunch believer that art has the power to reveal and heal. That frivolity, thrifting, and layer cake are good for you. That toast and tea taste even better in bed, and pancakes best on a Sunday morning. Bringing it to the yoga mat keeps me evened out in a contented way—that, and snapping photos. Bits and pieces of all that show up on this blog.

I jumped into blogging shortly before a surgery, at a time when fear and worry were bargaining with me to outdo each other, and serenity and tranquility most needed me on their side. I needed to untangle myself from that. So I sought out photos that held simple beauty; images that filled me with calm and inspiration and hope. And from that, BLISS IN IMAGES was born: a place to curate and share photos, and to mine the details of ordinary moments for their extraordinary joy. A place to celebrate beauty, love and life’s perfect imperfections.

And all you need to do here, is enjoy. Anything else is entirely optional.