flour power

This morning my kitchen will morph into a full-on cupcakery, filling the house with the heady scents of vanilla and deep, dark chocky… And there are sure to be bowls of blush pink raspberry, and tangy orange-chocolate buttercream ready for some (sssshhh!) discreet finger poking. Photos to be squeezed in post-baking and pre-delivery. Promise.

And as I have little cakes on the brain this morning, I thought I’d share with you some most delicious artwork. (Loving the blowtorch. Oh yeah.) There’s heaps of talent below!

Happy Friday. I hope you find a sweet lil cake to call your very own!


{the oh-so uplifting carrie hartman via her etsy shop uupp}

{leonora jennifer’s etsy shop yellow heart art}

{colleen via her etsy shop freshline}

{nathan strandberg and katie kirk of eight hour day}

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