monday undercover

Hello bliss lovers! How is it that Monday can sneak up so quietly, creeping in seemingly without notice … until it pounces. As in a phone call this morn from  Le Dentist’s office before the kids had barely trucked down (and up and down once more) the stairs and left for school.

And there I was, settling in—cold, bare toes and all—with a good cuppa, trying to make peace with a longish list of To Dos.  They offered me an opening in their cancellation list (be careful what you wish for, and all that) as though it were a JACKPOT. And ugh, I said yes, all the while feeling a bit squirmy, mind racing to decide whether I’d be able to squish and squeeze all the other Friday Things I’d only half-finished, and thrown on the pile of still unfinished Sunday Things. Sometimes “No” is a beautiful thing (until it slips from your grasp…) Especially on Monday mornings. Especially when it’s a Monday that moves in all stealthy like, waiting for just that moment to unleash its surprise attack.

Time to rewind and tame this Monday! Do you need a Monday tamer as well? If so, let’s get lost in a moment together …


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