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500 Days of Summer is one of my favourite go to films when I need a salty-sweet love fix that doesn’t play by the rules. Who can forget the WOW! factor of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s wall-sized chalkboard, featuring that cheeky little headboard …

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Whether it’s a trend gone wild, or a bit of old school love rekindled, chalkboard paint is flowing in design circles. Covering walls, cabinets, drawer fronts, table tops, jars and just about anything that lends itself to list mania and labeling. When was the last time you let lose and wrote all over a wall? It’s a crazy good feeling! I recently painted a strip of kitchen wall with the stuff, and my only bit of advice to anyone who’s pumped to pick up a roller and indulge is this:



Not (ahem) the oil-based concoction that I inadvertently ended up with. Curiously, the directions omitted the part that goes something like this:

Take two mega strength Advil during drying time. Alcohol not recommended.

I discovered that a latex brand was available after applying the first coat of oil. And although it was fairly fast drying, believe me … it wasn’t fast enough. That bit of strife aside, we now have a spiffy place to scribble to our hearts content. Stay tuned. Photos this week!

In the mean time, plenty of inspiration is found right here …


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{green wedding shoes}

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